Animated Drawings

Animated Drawings

  • 2023-05-24 15:41
  • Open Source


  • Category : Video


  • Upload your drawing.
  • Tweak your drawing.
  • Add animation commands.
  • Animate and watch your drawing come alive.


Animated Drawings by Meta AI Research uses an algorithm to animate children’s drawings of human figures. The demo uses Detectron2 and AlphaPose, and the motion capture data comes from the CMU Graphics Motion Capture Lab and Mixamo.

The “Animated Drawings” Demo allows parents and guardians to upload an image of a child’s drawing and convert it into an animation. Users have the option to contribute the image to a public dataset, but it’s not mandatory. The demo does not require a Facebook account and does not collect any personal information. Technical information about the user’s browser or device is collected for analytics purposes.

Uploaded images are retained for a short period and then permanently deleted if not contributed to the public dataset. Once an animation is created, users can download or share it on social media platforms. If feedback is provided, the team will have access to the email address and any personal information included in the feedback.

The team behind this project includes Jesse Smith, Jessica Hodgins, Somya Jain, Sahir Gomez, Somayan Chakrabarti, Clarence Edmondson III, Christopher Gustave, Kristin Cooke, Qingyuan Zheng, Yifei Li, and others.

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