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May 22, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI Is a Black Box. Anthropic Figured Out a Way to Look Inside

[πŸ”— link] β€” Snapdragon X Elite CPU has been put through its paces early – and appears to be every bit as strong as Qualcomm claims

[πŸ”— link] β€” Discovering the future of AI – Introducing AI Parabellum (an AI tools directory)

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Humane AI Pin is in trouble

[πŸ”— link] β€” Amazon plans to charge monthly subscription for Alexa: report

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google Gemini vs. Other AI Models: A Comparative Analysis for Choosing the Right Tool

[πŸ”— link] β€” Is AI going to upend the face of gambling?

[πŸ”— link] β€” A Copilot+ PC has been tested — and it destroys the MacBook

[πŸ”— link] β€” Ethical, trust, and skill barriers slow generative AI progress in EMEA

[πŸ”— link] β€” Non-invasive zaps to the spinal cord can treat paralysisβ€”but no one knows why

[πŸ”— link] β€” Gordon Bell, an architect of our digital age, dies at age 89

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to install a private AI chatbot on your computer

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta Is Developing New Multimodal AI Model Chameleon to Rival OpenAI’s GPT-4o

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI is making Microsoft vs. Apple interesting again

[πŸ”— link] β€” A Crypto Developer’s Guide to Consensus 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Optimize ChatGPT GPT-4o Prompts

[πŸ”— link] β€” What ScarJo v. ChatGPT Could Look Like in Court

May 18, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” It’s Time to Believe the AI Hype

[πŸ”— link] β€” This Week in AI: OpenAI moves away from safety

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google fumbled what could have been its biggest product in years

[πŸ”— link] β€” GPT-4o delivers human-like AI interaction with text, audio, and vision integration

[πŸ”— link] β€” What happened to OpenAI’s long-term AI risk team?

[πŸ”— link] β€” Financial institutions have 30 days to disclose breaches under new rules

[πŸ”— link] β€” Tesla must face fraud suit for claiming its cars could fully drive themselves

[πŸ”— link] β€” iPad Pro 2024 teardown video reveals some of Apple’s internal design changes

[πŸ”— link] β€” They claim AI stole their voices. Now they’re suing

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI Employees Forced to Sign NDA Preventing Them From Ever Criticizing Company

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to use ChatGPT-4o memory in conversations

[πŸ”— link] β€” Everything You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your iPad

[πŸ”— link] β€” Startups Weekly: It’s the dawning of the age of AI β€” plus, Musk is raging against the machine

[πŸ”— link] β€” New video of ‘revolutionary’ ceramic storage technology emerges β€” Cerabyte’s improved prototype gives me hope that affordable Exabyte-class storage racks are coming sooner than expected

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI researcher resigns, claiming safety has taken β€œa backseat to shiny products”

May 15, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google is reinventing itself for the AI age

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google I/O 2024 keynote and Developer keynote – Full Presentations

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google ushers in the “Gemini era” with AI advancements

[πŸ”— link] β€” GPT-4o delivers human-like AI interaction with text, audio, and vision integration

[πŸ”— link] β€” The market size in the AI market is projected to reach $184bn in 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem

[πŸ”— link] β€” Intel’s Aurora achieves exascale to become the fastest AI system

[πŸ”— link] β€” 10 updates coming to the Android ecosystem

[πŸ”— link] β€” Android 15 gets β€œPrivate Space,” theft detection, and AV1 support

[πŸ”— link] β€” Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever leaves OpenAI six months after Altman ouster

[πŸ”— link] β€” Android’s AI era includes eavesdropping on phone calls, warning you about scams

[πŸ”— link] β€” Why β€˜Multimodal AI’ Is the Hottest Thing in Tech Right Now

[πŸ”— link] β€” Hedge Funds Turn to AI, Satellites to Track Vital US Gas Plant

[πŸ”— link] β€” I tried GPT-4o and it’s a gamechanger for free ChatGPT users

[πŸ”— link] β€” All the New Android Features Google Just Announced at I/O

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google lets third-party developers into Home through new APIs

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to improve your Excel formula writing using ChatGPT

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google 1.5 Flash and Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model updates and more

[πŸ”— link] β€” The top AI announcements from Google I/O

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google’s answer to OpenAI’s Sora has landed – here’s how to get on the waitlist

[πŸ”— link] β€” Samsung’s fiercest rival unveils mobile storage chip that will make phones and laptops faster β€” SK Hynix claims that its ZUFS tech will boost local AI inference without consuming more resources

May 12, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” ChatGPT Vs. Google Gemini: Which AI Chatbot Is Smarter?

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 AI Tools Better Than ChatGPT for Productivity & Coding

[πŸ”— link] β€” US aims to stay ahead of China in using AI to fly fighter jets, navigate without GPS and more

[πŸ”— link] β€” Siri in iOS 18 rumored to be ‘more conversational and versatile’ thanks to AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI set to unveil AI-driven challenger to Google Search

[πŸ”— link] β€” Accelerating ML application development: Production-ready Airflow integrations with critical AI tools

[πŸ”— link] β€” Sam Altman Proposes β€˜Universal Basic Compute’ for Global Access to GPT-7’s Resources

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI’s Sam Altman Shoots Down Search Engine And GPT-5 Rumors, Teases May 13 Event: ‘Some New Stuff…People Will Love’

[πŸ”— link] β€” Now, Later, and Lasting: 10 Priorities for AI Research, Policy, and Practice

[πŸ”— link] β€” Elon Musk’s AI Startup Could Reach A Whopping $20 Billion Valuation, Exceeding Initial Expectations

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI GPU bottleneck has eased, but now power will constrain AI growth warns Zuckerberg

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Master Meta AI in 10 Minutes (Video).

[πŸ”— link] β€” Elevenlabs AI Music generator launches into early preview

[πŸ”— link] β€” AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules

[πŸ”— link] β€” Android in the time of AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Stack Overflow Users Are Revolting Against an OpenAI Deal

May 08, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads

[πŸ”— link] β€” AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI takes steps to boost AI-generated content transparency

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI may be to blame for our failure to make contact with alien civilisations

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI Is Reportedly Building a Search Engine to Compete With Google

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft’s Wisconsin Data Center Now A $3.3 Billion Project

[πŸ”— link] β€” China is falling behind in race to become AI superpower

[πŸ”— link] β€” Top AI Presentation Generators/Tools

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google DeepMind Unveils AlphaFold 3, Achieves 50% Better Prediction Accuracy

[πŸ”— link] β€” Here’s How To Spot AI-Generated Deepfake Images

[πŸ”— link] β€” Stack Overflow is feeding programmers’ answers to AI, whether they like it or not

[πŸ”— link] β€” How AI Has Already Begun to Change These Workers’ Jobs

[πŸ”— link] β€” 66% of leaders wouldn’t hire someone without AI skills, report finds

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft: Workers want to use AIβ€”they’re not waiting for their companies to adopt it

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Write a Tutorial with the Help of ChatGPT

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 Online photo editing alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

[πŸ”— link] β€” Burnout Is Pushing Workers to Use AIβ€”Even if Their Boss Doesn’t Know

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Write Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

[πŸ”— link] β€” FTX Customers Will Get Back All the Money They Lost in the Collapse

[πŸ”— link] β€” Open-Source Cybersecurity Is a Ticking Time Bomb

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s AI tools for advertisers can now create full new images, not just backgrounds

[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple highlights AI features, including M4 neural engine, at iPad event

[πŸ”— link] β€” The new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro look good, but Apple urgently needs to revisit its single worst accessory

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Apple M4 chip’s AI performance just leaked – and it might not be what you expected

[πŸ”— link] β€” AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft is β€˜turning everyone into a prompt engineer’ with new Copilot AI features

May 06, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Stack Overflow signs deal with OpenAI to supply data to its models

[πŸ”— link] β€” Five ways to keep up with the AI revolution

[πŸ”— link] β€” Common Sense Is AI’s Glass Ceiling

[πŸ”— link] β€” Diving Into Generative AI: A Practical Guide For Law Firms Starting From Scratch

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s new multi-token prediction makes AI models up to 3X faster

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft readies new AI model to compete with Google, ChatGPT owner OpenAI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Simulated chemistry: New AI platform designs tomorrow’s cancer drugs

[πŸ”— link] β€” YouTube’s AI-powered ‘Jump Ahead’ feature rolling out widely to Premium users

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft pumps the brakes on Copilot AI to refine its experiences in Windows 11

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Makings of a Huge Speculative Frenzy, Bigger Than The Dotcom Bubble

[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple Adds AI Patent as it Preps for AI-powered iPhones

[πŸ”— link] β€” Computer science coding classes deemphasize syntax, focus on higher-level AI skills

[πŸ”— link] β€” Alphabet’s Intrinsic robotics unit details internally developed AI models

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 Awesome AI Photo Apps To Try Out

[πŸ”— link] β€” Watch: Newchip, Techstars, and what happens when startup accelerators fail

May 03, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI ChatGPT-5 release imminent?

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI discovers over 27,000 overlooked asteroids in old telescope images

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI Copilots Are Changing How Coding Is Taught

[πŸ”— link] β€” How Artificial Intelligence Is Making 2,000-Year-Old Scrolls Readable Again

[πŸ”— link] β€” Chuck Ros, SoftServe: Delivering transformative AI solutions responsibly

[πŸ”— link] β€” Coalition of news publishers sue Microsoft and OpenAI

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI recreates ‘The Simpsons’ into a live-action 1950s sitcom and it’s oddly realistic

[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple holds key advantages in the AI era, claims Tim Cook

[πŸ”— link] β€” No longer mere β€˜infatuation’: Generative AI interest now shapes talent strategy

[πŸ”— link] β€” Stay ahead of the curve with Feedly AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Council Post: Unleashing AI: Three Keys To Developing A Successful Data Platform

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI can now generate entire songs on demand. What does this mean for music?

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI’s Impact On Law Firms Of Every Size

[πŸ”— link] β€” Confluent launches plug-and-play offering to accelerate realtime streaming AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Top AI Researcher Says Emerging Technology Will End Humanity

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google Gemini: How to Get Started With the ChatGPT Alternative

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI sets Solana price for May 31, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Rabbit R1 review: one of the worst gadgets I’ve ever used

[πŸ”— link] β€” What is Amazon Freevee? The free streaming service explained

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to write the perfect AI prompt for anything (video)

[πŸ”— link] β€” Rabbit, Humane, and the iPad

May 01, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” The BASIC programming language turns 60

[πŸ”— link] β€” Elon Musk Laid Off Supercharger Team After Taking $17 Million in Federal Charging Grants

[πŸ”— link] β€” Sam’s Club now using AI to check receipts at more than 120 stores. Here’s how it works

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft’s billion-dollar OpenAI investment was trigged by Google fears, emails reveal

[πŸ”— link] β€” ChatGPT shows better moral judgment than a college undergrad

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft and OpenAI sued yet again by Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News

[πŸ”— link] β€” Stability AI Stable Assistant Beta chatbot released

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Cheyenne Supercomputer is going for a fraction of its list price at auction right now

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to use ChatGPT Memory with its new features

[πŸ”— link] β€” Rabbit CEO Defends $200 AI Doohickey, Says β€˜It’s Not an App’

[πŸ”— link] β€” Anthropic Wants to Put Its Claude AI Wherever You Are With New App

[πŸ”— link] β€” Report: DEA Plans to Reclassify Cannabis as Less Dangerous

[πŸ”— link] β€” Binance Founder Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft taps Sanctuary AI for general-purpose robot research

[πŸ”— link] β€” Atlassian combines Jira Software and Work Management tools

[πŸ”— link] β€” Anthropic launches a new premium plan aimed at businesses

[πŸ”— link] β€” Amazon Q is now open to any workers looking to build an AI chatbot for work

[πŸ”— link] β€” Nvidia’s AI chatbot now supports Google’s Gemma model, voice queries, and more

[πŸ”— link] β€” Anthropic finally releases a Claude mobile app

[πŸ”— link] β€” A Vast New Data Set Could Supercharge the AI Hunt for Crypto Money Laundering

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meet the Woman Who Showed President Biden ChatGPTβ€”and Helped Set the Course for AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Dangerous Rise of GPS Attacks

April 29, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Watch: Elon Musk’s big plans for xAI include raising $6 billion

[πŸ”— link] β€” Worried about the TikTok ban? Here are 5 alternatives you should use

[πŸ”— link] β€” Bill Gates continues to ‘backstage’ manage Microsoft despite official departure, as Satya Nadella relies on his advice for Microsoft’s transformative AI initiative

[πŸ”— link] β€” Can Rabbit’s R1 outsmart the smartphone assistants? Let’s find out!

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI Faces Its β€˜Oppenheimer Moment’ During Killer Robot Arms Race

[πŸ”— link] β€” FT and OpenAI ink partnership amid web scraping criticism

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI faces complaint over fictional outputs

[πŸ”— link] β€” Customers say Meta’s ad-buying AI blows through budgets in a matter of hours

[πŸ”— link] β€” Georgia Tech embraces artificial intelligence with new β€œdigital sandbox” that will equip students with resources in the age of AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” ChatGPT’s AI β€œmemory” can remember the preferences of paying customers

[πŸ”— link] β€” Machine learning classifies 191 of the world’s most damaging viruses

[πŸ”— link] β€” Turns Out That Extremely Impressive Sora Demo… Wasn’t Exactly Made With Sora

[πŸ”— link] β€” Video AI making it easier to carry out chemical, biological, nuclear attacks: DHS

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to build AI agents using LangGraph Llama 3 and Groq

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to easily fine-tune Llama 3 with your own data

[πŸ”— link] β€” Publishers Give OpenAI Their Content for Top Spot in ChatGPT’s Answers

[πŸ”— link] β€” Copilot Workspace is GitHub’s take on AI-powered software engineering

[πŸ”— link] β€” ChatGPT Plus just got a major update that might make it feel more human – here’s how the new memory feature works

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 pointers from Google’s productivity expert’s new book

April 26, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s Open Source Llama 3 Is Already Nipping at OpenAI’s Heels

[πŸ”— link] β€” Alphabet Leaps Into $2 Trillion Club as Results Show AI Strength

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft unveils Phi-3 family of compact language models

[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple Intensifies Talks With OpenAI for iPhone Generative AI Features

[πŸ”— link] β€” New AI stethoscope helps doctors detect valve problems

[πŸ”— link] β€” New GenAI Platform β€˜Hypnovels’ Transforms Books into Animation

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI’s Sam Altman and other tech leaders join the federal AI safety board

[πŸ”— link] β€” 7 Awesome AI Tools You Need To Check Out

[πŸ”— link] β€” Rabbit R1 vs. Siri vs. Humane Ai Pin (Video)

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta AI tested: Doesn’t quite justify its own existence, but free is free

[πŸ”— link] β€” Samsung’s next Galaxy AI feature could revolutionize smartphone video

[πŸ”— link] β€” Our newest investments in infrastructure and AI skills

[πŸ”— link] β€” Grow with Google launches new AI Essentials course to help everyone learn to use AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” 3 things we learned from professional creatives about their hopes for AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving linked to hundreds of crashes, dozens of deaths

[πŸ”— link] β€” DJI might get banned next in the US

April 23, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI is rumored to be dropping GPT-5 soon – what we know so far

[πŸ”— link] β€” 80% of AI decision makers are worried about data privacy and security

[πŸ”— link] β€” A National Security Insider Does the Math on the Dangers of AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses do the AI thing without a projector or subscription

[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple’s next product event happens on May 7, and it’s probably iPads

[πŸ”— link] β€” Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR

[πŸ”— link] β€” Gemini set to address Google Assistant automation shortcomings with ‘Live Prompts’

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 Awesome AI Tools for Web Designers in 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI Safety for Smart Contracts Is AI Safety for the World

[πŸ”— link] β€” Adobe Talks About the Future of AI in Premiere Pro at NAB 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” 10 AI Tools to Complete Excel Tasks in Minutes

[πŸ”— link] β€” The 5 Best Open-Source AI Image Generators

[πŸ”— link] β€” More than half of Americans have tried generative AI already

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft’s lightweight Phi-3 Mini model can run on smartphones

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to start building apps using Llama 3 AI Agents – Beginners Guide

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to create amazing artwork using AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Open Internet, web scraping, and AI: the unbreakable link

April 21, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” The future of AI gadgets is just phones

[πŸ”— link] β€” The future of AI influencers – a Billion $ industry

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Tell If Your Webcam Has Been Hacked

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to get GPT-4 for free β€” get the $20 a month tool for $0

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 Questions Schools Should Ask Before Purchasing AI Tech Products

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s New GenAI Is Theatrical. Here’s How To Make It Valuable

[πŸ”— link] β€” Want to become a successful data professional? Do these 5 things

[πŸ”— link] β€” 7 wild OpenAI Sora results from early access testers

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI Is Ruining Classic Movies And Isn’t Stopping

[πŸ”— link] β€” An AI Salvador DalΓ­ will answer any question when called on his famous ‘lobster phone’

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to check your laptop battery health

[πŸ”— link] β€” 15+ Tips and Tricks To Secure Your Home Network

[πŸ”— link] β€” Women in AI: Anna Korhonen studies the intersection between linguistics and AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple is exploring removable batteries for iOS devices – I think AirPods need it most

[πŸ”— link] β€” The US takes another big step towards banning TikTok – here’s what you need to know.

April 20, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” New AI Girlfriend Constantly Yells at You in Perpetual Fury

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI now surpasses humans in almost all performance benchmarks

[πŸ”— link] β€” The telltale signs of AI-generated images, video and audio, according to experts

[πŸ”— link] β€” ICYMI: the 8 biggest tech news stories from Boston Dynamic’s new robot to Sony’s OLED-beating Micro-LED TV tech

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s AI assistant just got a major upgrade β€” here’s how you can use it

[πŸ”— link] β€” This AI gadget let me speak in languages I don’t know or understand

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft’s AI tool can turn photos into realistic videos of people talking and singing

[πŸ”— link] β€” 10 Amazing free AI tools to create text, images, video and more

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to build an AI open source NVR security system

[πŸ”— link] β€” Trump’s Truth Social Stock Dropped, Cybertrucks Broke, the Virtual Boy Deserves Respect, and More

[πŸ”— link] β€” This camera trades pictures for AI poetry

[πŸ”— link] β€” Why vector databases are having a moment as the AI hype cycle peaks | TechCrunch

[πŸ”— link] β€” This Week in AI: When ‘open source’ isn’t so open

[πŸ”— link] β€” Too many models

[πŸ”— link] β€” Intel’s formidable 288 core CPU now has a proper family name β€” Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest are Xeon 6 processors but is it just becoming too confusing?

[πŸ”— link] β€” Obscure $10 billion chip firm you never heard of finally delivers crucial tech for AI future β€” Astera Labs showcased its Aries 6 PCIe retimer board as it targets future Nvidia HGX boards

[πŸ”— link] β€” The little smart home platform that could

April 19, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” A Scientist Says AI Could Kill Us in About 200 Years

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s battle with ChatGPT begins now

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta raises the bar with open source Llama 3 LLM

[πŸ”— link] β€” Hugging Face launches Idefics2 vision-language model

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft’s VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta AI’s image generation is unlike anything ChatGPT can do

[πŸ”— link] β€” Microsoft was recently hit by a ‘Mike-rosoft’ catastrophe β€” here’s everything that transpired with insider emails and Copilot AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI Washing vs. Greenwashing: Elevating Legal Advice And Corporate Governance

[πŸ”— link] β€” Massive AI Growth Outpacing U.S. Power Capacity

[πŸ”— link] β€” Learn how to use function calling in AutoGen effectively

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Create Recurring Tasks in Notion

[πŸ”— link] β€” Watch: Meta’s new Llama 3 models give open-source AI a boost

[πŸ”— link] β€” Copilot is everywhere in Windows 11 and it’s about to get harder to ignore – but is Microsoft in danger of wearing out the AI assistant’s welcome?

[πŸ”— link] β€” 5 moments you might have missed from Google Cloud Next β€˜24

April 17, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Samsung aims to boost on-device AI with LPDDR5X DRAM

[πŸ”— link] β€” Power-hungry AI is putting the hurt on global electricity supply

[πŸ”— link] β€” So much for free speech on X; Musk confirms new users must soon pay to post

[πŸ”— link] β€” How One Author Pushed the Limits of AI Copyright

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s oversight board to probe subjective policy on AI sex image removals

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Trailer for the World’s First Fully AI-Generated Film is Here

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Create Your Own AI Influencer

[πŸ”— link] β€” AI vs. Humans β€” Why Humans Will Win in Content Creation

[πŸ”— link] β€” Kamal Ahluwalia, Ikigai Labs: How to take your business to the next level with generative AI

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Linux Foundation and tech giants partner on open-source generative AI enterprise tools

[πŸ”— link] β€” Watch out, Boston Dynamics! Mentee Robotics unveils β€˜AI-first’ robot

[πŸ”— link] β€” Samsung unveils 10.7Gbps LPDDR5X mobile memory optimized for AI applications

[πŸ”— link] β€” Snapchat will now watermark users’ AI-generated images

[πŸ”— link] β€” Logitech adds programmable ChatGPT shortcuts to its mice and keyboards

[πŸ”— link] β€” 3 Google Workspace templates to improve your productivity

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Create Your Own AI Automations

[πŸ”— link] β€” Atlas the Robot Rises From the Dead in ‘Stronger’ Electric Version

[πŸ”— link] β€” a16z-backed Rewind pivots to build AI-powered pendant to record your conversations

April 16, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Facebook and Instagram’s response to deepfake porn is under reviewΒ by oversight board

[πŸ”— link] β€” Hugging Face launches Idefics2 vision-language model

[πŸ”— link] β€” World’s First AI Beauty Pageant Announced With Hefty Cash Prize

[πŸ”— link] β€” Utilizing Pandas AI for Data Analysis

[πŸ”— link] β€” Create your own ChatGPT AI assistant with OpenAI’s Vision sight

[πŸ”— link] β€” Introducing Satoshi 7B: The Groundbreaking Bitcoin-Centric AI Model

[πŸ”— link] β€” Google will outpace Microsoft in AI investment, DeepMind CEO says

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to use advanced brainstorming techniques with ChatGPT

[πŸ”— link] β€” Nvidia’s new A400 and A1000 GPUs look to bring generative AI even to your office workstation

[πŸ”— link] β€” Use the new ChatGPT Batch API reduces processing costs

[πŸ”— link] β€” Creatify AI video editor and character changer

[πŸ”— link] β€” How to Use ChatGPT Voice on Any iPhone

[πŸ”— link] β€” OpenAI’s DALL-E Edit Feature Shows How AI Won’t Replace Your Photoshop Yet

[πŸ”— link] β€” Evolution Equity Partners raises $1.1B for new cybersecurity and AI fund

[πŸ”— link] β€” Enhance visual storytelling in Demand Gen with generative AI

April 15, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” The Morning After: Meta crams its AI chatbot into your Instagram DMs

[πŸ”— link] β€” Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 19 arrives with AI-powered motion tracking and color grading

[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s new AI card is one step to reduce its reliance on Nvidia’s GPUs β€” despite spending billions on H100 and A100, Facebook’s parent firm sees a clear path to an RTX-free future

[πŸ”— link] β€” Limitless is a new AI tool for your meetings β€”Β and an all-hearing wearable gadget

[πŸ”— link] β€” What Is The Role of Cloud Computing in Modern Business Operations

[πŸ”— link] β€” Tesla to lay off more than 10 percent of its workers as sales slow

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April 14, 2024

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[πŸ”— link] β€” Meta’s AI chief: LLMs will never reach human-level intelligence

April 13, 2024

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April 11, 2024

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April 10, 2024

[πŸ”— link] β€” Elon Musk: AI will be smarter than any human around the end of next year

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April 09, 2024

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April 08, 2024

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April 06, 2024

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April 05, 2024

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April 04, 2024

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April 03, 2024

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[πŸ”— link] β€” Nextcloud announces β€˜AI as a service’ collaboration with major providers

April 02, 2024

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[πŸ”— link] β€” Apple researchers reveal AI breakthrough that could make Siri much smarter

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April 01, 2024

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March 31, 2024

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