AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon

  • 2023-05-20 13:09
  • Freemium


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AI Dungeon allows Infinite creativity, brought to life by AI.
It allows the generation of AI images and building places to discover, explore and create in the first ecosystem of AI collaboration and creativity. Get early access through your AI Dungeon Hero or Legend subscription.

All sorts of scenarios are possible:
Medieval Problems – a “Reigns” like game with an AI twist. Instead of choosing from only two actions players can solve challenges in their kingdom however they want, leading to infinite possibilities.

More examples scenarios include: “Kringle,” “Planet Omega,” “Besatheus,” “Alarathos,” “Penwick,” “Winterbloom,” “Xaxas,” “Gorgon,” “Fiomar,” and “Kedar.”

Also incudes Loom, a human-AI cowriting interface which facilitates efficient exploration and shaping of natural language multiverses.