Amazing AI

Amazing AI

  • 2023-05-18 16:16
  • Free


  • Category : Art Gen


  • Simply describe the image you desire, and the app will generate it for you like magic!
  • Developed exclusively for Apple silicon (M1/M2) - The app is NOT compatible with devices running on Intel chips.
  • Stable Diffusion is a deep learning, text-to-image model used to generate detailed images conditioned on text descriptions.
  • The app is highly optimized and runs on the Apple Neural Engine.


Amazing AI app is an AI-powered text-to-image generator that is optimized for Apple Silicon (M1/M2) devices. It uses a deep learning algorithm called Stable Diffusion to generate detailed images based on text descriptions. The app provides users with features such as keyboard shortcuts, negative prompts, metadata, and batch generation. It is free and does not contain ads.