• 2023-05-23 16:46
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  • Category : AI


  • Verifies the users in a single frame or image instead of a video stream.
  • Our 3D Biometric Authentication system verifies users with glasses, makeup, and beards.
  • Enhance your customer experience by offering passwordless check-ins.
  • Combat fraud and protect businesses with advanced spoof detection and verification checks.
  • Save your users’ time by verifying live presence in less than 2 seconds.
  • Secure your users' biometric data on your servers by integrating our advanced AI solutions.


Facia is an AI-Powered Face Recognition With Liveness Detection platform.
They offer fool-proof security against digital fraud using modern face recognition technology and 3D liveness detection.

Facia’s advanced AI-driven technology allows us to identify individuals by comparing their facial biometrics to their Photo ID and 3D Face Map. Our 3D liveness detection system ensures anti-spoof protection during the verification process.

Additionally offerings include: Face Matching, Age Verification, KYC On-Boarding and various form of surveillance system for both Private and Government agencies.

Pricing is by Request for Quote.