Journalist’s Toolbox  AI

Journalist’s Toolbox AI

  • 2024-01-24 12:20
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  • Category : Training


  • Comprehensive list of AI tools for various journalistic needs.
  • Training videos on AI tool usage.
  • Twice-monthly newsletter with the latest updates.
  • Section for AI-driven fact-checking tools.
  • Resources on AI law and ethics.


Empowering Modern Journalism with AI: Discover Journalist’s Toolbox AI.

Journalist’s Toolbox AI is an innovative platform dedicated to integrating artificial intelligence into the realm of journalism.

General Description:

Journalist’s Toolbox AI, launched in June 2023, serves as a comprehensive resource for journalists to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in media. Founded by Mike Reilley, the site provides access to a wide array of AI tools, training videos, and resources aimed at enhancing the capabilities of journalists, students, and educators in reporting, editing, and visualizing complex stories.

Reasons to Use the Product:

  • Access to the latest AI tools for reporting and editing.
  • Ethical guidance on AI tool usage.
  • Regular updates and addition of new tools and resources.
  • Availability of Creative Commons licensed educational content.
  • Free access to training videos and newsletters.