• 2023-12-03 12:46
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  • Category : Productivity


  • Seamless Real-time Collaboration: Work together effortlessly, irrespective of location.
  • Instant Access to Large Files: No delays in downloading or syncing.
  • Familiar Workflow: Integrates with your existing creative tools.
  • Robust Security: Zero-Knowledge service for maximum data protection.
  • SaaS Offering: No need for additional hardware or IT support.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Ensuring data security during transfer and storage.
  • Compatibility: Works with any object storage and OS.


Revolutionize Your Creative Workflow with LucidLink

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional file storage and collaboration tools? Discover LucidLink – a groundbreaking solution designed for creatives who demand seamless collaboration and instant file access, regardless of location.

Experience Real-time Collaboration

With LucidLink, geographical barriers vanish. Collaborate in real-time, just like you’re in the same room. Instantly access and use new assets and project changes as soon as they are saved in your shared Filespace​​.

Fast Access from Anywhere

Imagine accessing files of any size, from any location, without the delays of downloading or syncing. LucidLink’s unmatched responsiveness frees you to focus on creativity, not waiting​​.

Flexible and Familiar Workflow

LucidLink mirrors the convenience of a local shared drive. Everyone gets access to the same folder structure and file versions, simplifying collaboration and ensuring seamless project continuation​​.

Uncompromised Security

Your sensitive data and intellectual property deserve the utmost protection. LucidLink’s Zero-Knowledge service ensures that only you have access to your data, providing peace of mind and enhanced security​.

LucidLink is more than just a storage solution; it’s a game-changer for creative teams everywhere. Embrace the future of collaboration today with LucidLink.