• 2023-05-23 16:28
  • Paid


  • Category : Music


  • Soundtrack in a minute.
  • Royalty free for private & social media usage.
  • 10 hours of new soundtracks monthly - Paid Personal Plan.
  • For the dedicated creatives and B2C video makers.
  • 100 Hours/mo - For the dedicated creatives and B2C video makers -Bus. Plan.


Muzaic Studio makes your soundtrack vision come to life effortlessly by using AI to composed music tailored to your needs.  You start by 1) Uploading a video; 2) Adapt to your needs by making various selections – for example setting Mood and tweaking sliders; 3) Listen to your new soundtrack in 1 minute.

You will no longer have to worry about copyright.
Nor will you ever feel the frustration over poor quality of music.

Instead, you get music recorded and mixed by professional musicians, and composed by AI, with reliable copyrights.
A unique soundtrack composed exclusively for you.