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  • Pinokio's capabilities include:
  • Automates Application Control: Installs, runs, and controls applications programmatically.
  • Versatile Scripting: Supports community-shared scripts for various tasks and enhancements.
  • AI Integration: Facilitates the use of AI models and tools within its framework.
  • User Interface Automation: Enables automation of tasks within different application interfaces.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Offers customization through user-created and shared scripts.
  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for tasks in AI, image processing, voice synthesis, and more.
  • Large Library of Community provided Scripts.


Install, Run & Control Anything on Your Computer with 1 Click.
Pinokio is a unique browser designed to install, run, and programmatically control any application automatically. Its main function is to streamline the process of managing applications by allowing users to handle them directly through the browser with ease and efficiency. Reasons for using Pinokio include its ability to simplify the installation and control of various applications, offering a more integrated and automated approach to managing software tools on your computer.

Pinokio’s Community Scripts feature allows users to share and utilize custom scripts created for various tasks. These scripts are designed to automate or enhance the functionality of different applications and processes. Examples include:

  1. AI-Powered Mirror: A script for creating an intelligent mirror interface.
  2. Realtime BakLLaVA: A script using the BakLLaVA model to describe visual content in real-time.
  3. Stable Diffusion Web UI: An easy launcher for the Stable Diffusion web UI, facilitating image generation.
  4. Whisper-WebUI: A user interface for subtitle generation using the Whisper model.

Automate Everything

There’s a script for that

Pinokio is an application that can autonomously read, write, process, and execute anything on your computer, with a simple scripting language. Pinokio can:

  • compose files
  • download files
  • accumulate data
  • install libraries and other applications
  • run shell commands
  • make network requests
  • publish files
  • browse the internet
  • and pretty much anything a human can do on a computer, without requiring humans.
With the ultimate automation capabilities, Pinokio can even automatically install and run various AI engines and models on the fly, and then script them to make decisions and execute tasks. Any AI.