• 2023-05-18 16:36
  • Freemium


  • Category : Podcasting


  • Recast takes long articles and turns them in to easy-to-digest conversations. For you to enjoy.
  • Recast tells you everything that's in an article in way less time than it would take to read.
  • Recast’s hosts don’t just summarize, they explain an article to you conversationally.
  • Recast lets you stay up to date while doing the dishes, commuting, or exercising.
  • See what others have recast to help you filter the world and expand your horizons.
  • Recast lets you clear open tabs & your inbox newsletters by converting them to a format you can actually get to.


A new way to consume articles

With recast, you can transform the way you consume content, whether you’re on the go, working out, or simply looking for a more convenient way to stay informed. Recast takes the hassle out of reading long articles, by turning them into entertaining, informative, and easy-to-understand audio conversations.
Recasting is simple. Get the app, or use the Chrome Extension, signup, and discover interesting stories.
You press the recast button, we add some magic, and voilà, your awesome recast convo will appear in your app and inbox.